• Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations

Other continents:

  • Video conference
  • Mobile-voicemail

At the Congress there will be three presentation modalities: Oral (PowerPoint in English or in Romanian) and poster presentations (in-person ) and virtual (for those who cannot attend in person) or recorded video, mobile-voice and summary is sent by e-mail (10 minutes).

Poster presentations will be placed on vertical boards with maximum display dimensions of 594 X 841 mm (A1 portrait). Your Poster should contain the title of the presentation. Poster session enables to present your research work on a banner space and discuss with those who will show interest. One or more authors should sit or stand near their poster during the poster session, which takes usually approx. one hour. It is recommended to have several hard copies of your work to hand it over to those who will show interest.

Papers will be published:

1. Selected articles are published in ISI or International databases

2. The volume of event. All participants to the conference will receive a copy of the volume.

Your recommendation:

When you make a recommendation, it is worth considering the categories the editor most likely uses for classifying the article:

  • Reject (explain reason in report)
  • Accept without revision
  • Revise – either major or minor (explain the revision that is required, and indicate to the editor whether or not you would be happy to review the revised article)

Other aspects to consider

Abstract – Has this been provided (if required)? Does it adequately summarize the key findings/approach of the paper?

Length – Reviewers are asked to consider whether the content of a paper is of sufficient interest to justify its length. Each paper should be of the shortest length required to contain all useful and relevant information, and no longer.

Originality – Is the work relevant and novel? Does it contain significant additional material to that already published?

Presentation – Is the writing style clear and appropriate to the readership? Are any tables or graphics clear to read and labeled appropriately?

References – Does the paper contain the appropriate referencing to provide adequate context for the present work? References will be accurate and representative for the subject area. Finally, please state your recommendation: (accept without revision, accept after revision (either major or minor, reject).

Structure – Article writing is clear and contains all the elements: title, abstract, introduction, discussions, conclusions, experimental section, references, figures and tables informative


  1. General medicine & Public Health, Dental medicine & Equipment

  2. Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices, Bioengineering, Physical medicine

  3. Biology, Biochemistry, Veterinary, Physio Kinetotherapy and Recovery Therapy

2. General medicine & Public Health, Dental medicine & Equipment
  1. Education health, Innovation and Education, Culture & healthcare

  2. Legal sciences, Administrative, Economic, Political, Military

  3. Psycho-pedagogy-psychiatry-sociology-medical anthropology&Behavioral Sciences

  4. Tourism & Leisure & Pleasure, Health tourism

  5. Management&marketing in sport, Tourism management, Sport & tourism

  1. Philology, Specialized languages & comunication, Philosophy, Theology, Culture

  2. Architecture, Arts

  3. Sport Science and Physical Education

  4. Cognitive, History, Social and cultural history

  5. Performing sports, Rehabilitation & Adapted Sports

  1. Civil engineering

  2. Electrical engineering, electrical engineering and telecommunications

  3. Geological engineering, mining, oil and gas

  4. Transport engineering

  5. Engineering plant and animal resources

  6. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

  7. Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering

  8. Chemical engineering

  1. Mathematics

  2. Informatics

  3. Physics

  4. Chemistry

  5. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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